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Pearls Curls + Accessory Bundle

Pearls Curls + Accessory Bundle

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Introducing Pearls Curls - the Childrens book that brings a kid's curly hair to life!

Celebrate the waves, coils, and kinks of natural hair with an adventurous tale of inclusion and self-love.

Written with a playful tone, it’s sure to bring smiles, laughs and a fresh perspective on curly hair!

Curly hair can be frustrating and lots of hard work.

It tangles, gets knots, goes frizzy and berserk!

Or at least that's what Pearl thinks, until one sunny day, a little hair fairy visits to play.

Come with Curlita and Pearl as they discover there's much more to hair than its texture and colour.


-Pearls curls. (Hardcover)

-Flexi Brush.

-Kids Sleep Cozy.



The Flexi Brush is a revolutionary hair brush that gently detangles. It is designed to minimize hair breakage and eliminate tears.

With its unique scalloped edges and flexible bristles, the Flexi Brush is gentle on even the most delicate hair, allowing for easy and effective detangling with minimal effort.


Our Kids sleep cozy is a game-changer for the little ones in your life! This revolutionary product is designed for curly-haired kids everywhere to help them keep their curls safe and sound while they rest up for their next big adventure.

 With great curl protection, you can sleep easy knowing that your kids hair will stay looking its best all night long.

So let your little ones sleep tight and dream on knowing they can wake up to protected frizz free curls.


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